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Exclusive New Pre-Raphaelite Muse: Anna Louise May

Gallery & Portfolio

The New-Pre Raphaelite Movement

Subculture Fashion & the Origins of  Romantiqua Couture: Ideals, Values, Politics & Principles

Legal Information pertaining to The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement, Romantiqua & Romantiqua Couture (a non-profit making co-operative founded and owned by Anna Louise May as part of the Mayastar Group. New Pre-Raphaelite Movement Philosophy as defined, copyrighted & promoted by Anna Louise May.

Romantiqua Couture is a trademark fashion style defined by Anna Louise May and is expressive of the values of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement.  The terms Romantiqua/Romantique/New Pre-Raphaelite pertain only to the styles and images created, expressed and copyrighted to Anna Louise May.

Use of these terms in marketing by other parties for any kind of promotion or financial gain is therefore in breach of copyright as is imitation/plagiarism of the designs, trademarks and definitions of these terms as detailed on this site.

These rights extend to the philosophy defined predominantly by Anna Louise May (Maya) and  simulation or duplication of these components also constitutes a breach of intellectual property ownership and copyright.  All rights and regulations pertaining to these are reserved.    

In the event of a legal breach regarding intellectual property theft, mimicry, false association, copies of Romantiqua Couture Styling or copyright infringement for other than promotion of the movement's philosophy and ideals or for profit and against the co-operative ethos of the Movement, a legal cease and desist notice will be issued immediately by our legal department.  Failure to comply with this legal notice will result in a court order being obtained to the same end. Persistence once a court order has been issued will be pursued through litigation and a claim for damages, defamation by association to business and loss of earnings, as relevant to the individual case will be pursued.  Legal fees will also be claimed as this notice has been deliberately worded to make it clear that breaches of these terms will not be tolerated.

PLEASE NOTE: This notice is being posted to ensure the preservation of the integrity, reputation, definition, quality, ideals, values and philosophy of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement and definitions of the Romantiqua Couture style that is associated with the Philosophy..

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement is essentially an ideology that promotes creativity, non-conformity and a particular attitude towards art. Particular hallmarks define the fashion associated with this movement but promotion of the values of the Movement is the prime motivation of those involved and that's why we will protect and uphold these even if it means we have to use legal measures to ensure these values are not diluted or adulterated but self serving businesses and individuals who are not supportive of these ethics and are using them as a means to make money; not a means to further the principles the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement stands for and promotes.   


The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement: Inspiration, Philosophy & Founding

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement was founded by Anna Louise May with the support and collaboration of a group of artists, bohemians, writers and designers at the end of 2011. 

The movement is based on the precepts of the original Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood; the philosophy they defined and promoted as opposed to the particular style of art that came to define the movement later on.  It should be remembered that the original Brotherhood did not define a style of art but rather subverted existed styles which they deemed to be valuable to an extent but were moving for a change in European, particularly English, Victorian art away from the rigid requirements of classical art (which they were trained in) and to develop art along the lines they felt were more in-keeping with what art should be: and expression of truth.

Today we find ourselves in a position where different movements within art have lead to a similar restrictive and narrow acceptance.  The Pre-Raphaelite Movement has been diminished and misunderstood when in fact it was a subversive and rebellious change that could have paved the way for more freedom in art than existed before and after.

It is unfortunate that the influences that swamped the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood's philosophy out of existence have created a similar impasse.  Where the Brotherhood railed against the technical approach to creating aesthetically pleasing images, now we find that to create aesthetically pleasing images has become frowned upon.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood upheld that art should be about truth and the expression of truth above all things.  To that end they included more realistic images, and darker themes that expressed fundamental human drives, emotions and commonalities.  Much of their inspiration was taken from the complex ideas raised in Shakespeare and mythology.

Now, the influences on the development of artistic expression in the UK have become dominated by movements that don't just ignore the validity of the expression of truth in art but actively  put down the expression of beauty in art; as if truth may no longer be beautiful.  The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood faced a world where the natural reality and truth of things was not accepted as valid unless it was pretty...and now the art world denigrates beauty as if there may be not truth in it.

This swing has created a void for many people.  Increasingly artists are finding the status quo absurd, unfulfilling and uninspiring. 

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement was founded to contribute toward a change in this tendency; to uphold the validity of beauty and all truth expressed in art.  And to further the philosophy of the Brotherhood to encompass ALL FORMS of creativity and art.  To advocate and promote art and creativity in every form...for artists, painters, designers, writers, poets, models and muses, sculptors, photographic artists...and so on.  Anybody who is engaged in the creative process and who supports the redefinition of true art as being the expression of truth (both subjective and objective) through any creative medium, is welcome to join and lend their support to the New Pre-Raphaelites.

To register your support or become an active member of the movement please join our facebook group and follow us on Twitter

Anna Louise May was heralded as the 'First Muse of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement'.  In this capacity Anna is a figurehead.  Her style is her own personal expression of what the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement stands for; expressing both traditional concepts of beauty and combining them with more innovative, personal and modern elements to create what has come to be defined as  'Romantiqua Couture': a subculture fashion genre that combines uniquely feminine styles of dress allowing an emphasis on femininity, beauty and individuality to be expressed in ways that have be disparaged in recent times.  The style was defined by Anna and through her work with a number of designers and artists and is used in her capacity as a muse to actively promote all that the NPR Movement stands for.

As a muse, Anna sees herself as open to interpretation and works with a variety of artists and photographers working in different mediums and styles, each capturing what may appear an almost trademark 'Pre-Raphaelite Style' in their own way.  Further emphasising that the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement is based on the PHILOSOPHY of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and not on the style it is now considered to epitomise. 

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement seeks to create a place for all creatives to manifest their own artistic expression of it in whatever way is right for them.  And provides an environment and connection with others that not only support this endeavour but provide mutual encouragement, support and inspiration.

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement upholds that the highest level of human potential is expressed most fully through the undiluted expression of truth through any form of creativity and that this is art.

So from music to to graphic to modelling...magick to jewellery making...there is no end to the creative pursuits that may be called art when the whole self, passion and purpose is centred on the creative principle.  For the New Pre-Raphaelite, art is the way to Self Realisation: The full and unadulterated expression of your true, wild and pure nature...perhaps your soul.

Who is Anna Louise May (Maya)?

Anna Louise May (Maya) is the founder and the First Muse of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement and the originator of the Romantiqua Couture subculture fashion genre. (For more please visit

She has studied art, design and fashion for many years and has worked alongside other designers in a limited capacity since she was a teenager. Originally working as a seamstress and developing designs for punk and gothic clothing, hats and accessories.  Predominantly creating her own pieces and bespoke creations but also working a seamstress for 'Thyme and Tide' as a young teenager. She has since collaborated to create designs with other designers contemporary subculture fashion designers working in different genres. 

However, this element of the work wasn't for her ultimately and although she works in art and fashion design and in creating 'fashion as art' couture to a limited extent, this is not where her main passion lies. 

Anna has found great inspiration and a new means of artistic expression through her work as a muse.  Her hallmark Romantiqua Couture style, tight laced corsetry, pointe shoes and copper red hair have lead others to nickname her the new 'Lizzie Siddal'.  In her creative work as a muse, she finds developing her style, always with the precepts of what the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement stands for going forward and where its roots are, extremely exciting and fulfilling and enjoys collaborating with a variety of select artists and photographers to further this expression and hopefully to inspire them too.

As well as her work as a New Pre-Raphaelite Muse and pointe model, Anna works predominantly as a Spiritual Facilitator & Teacher of Energy Healing & Development courses (through  She is also sought after for her skill in magickal work having been trained traditionally in magick and worked in this area for over 24 years.

Anna is actively engaged in the promotion of small businesses, artists and creatives through NPR.

In her personal life, Anna devotes her time to her spiritual and magickal pursuits, writing, art, dancing ballet, singing and playing the guitar.  

Although the founder of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement, a significant group of creatives and artists have supported and contributed to its development and to this end we must mention and give thanks to Daniel (graphic artist and web design) for his continuous work and inspirational attitudes; to "Wolfie" for his artistic contribution and inspiration; Maniac (photographic artist); to Remy Noe (artist and advisor); Woodstock Designs; Patricia Alston (stylist). And for their input, inspiration, advice and support: Karen & Mark Tyrie; Jonathan & Jeanette; Susan Ingram; Michelle Brown (The Basildon Ballet Company & Sapphire School of the Arts); Lisa the 'Sunshine Girl'; Amaryllis (an inspirational alternative model); Alina Ionescu Designs; Jojo of Wildskin; Evie Wolfe; Vivienne Westwood; Dr. Adrian May (singer, songwriter, subversive, hippie, folkie, intellectual, die-hard bohemian and professor of creative writing and supreme supporter and advocate of all creative pursuits)...and the many designers and artists that continue to contribute to, and support this admirable project. 

Pre-Raphaelite Inspiration

Revolutionary changes and rebellion against defined and traditional models that have become outdated or 'old hat' is not a new phenomenon. 

We often consider that the subculture movement began in the 60s or 70s - or maybe in the 50s - or maybe when women got the vote.  We all have ideas of when the 'revolution' started and a general movement to freedom of expression became not only an idea but a reality.  Some kind of paradigm shift is always responsible for  significant changes and it is society in general that determine whether these shifts occur and take root. 

At the moment, a movement into increased individualisation and freedom as people move away from traditional expectations is increasing the popularity of subculture fashions and alternative philosophies; this development has been gathering pace for the last 40 years, showing no sign of slowing down. Except when it comes to art unfortunately.

In some ways this could be said to be a sign of people taking back power and thinking for themselves at a grass roots level but art becoming homogenised and moderated.  If this is the case (and the New Pre-Raphaelites deem that it is), then it would seem that politics and 'new' traditions are restricting the expression of creativity and compromising art and all that it stands for.  If that is the case, shouldn't we change it?  The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement stands for anyone who believes we should!

People have not suddenly become generic, predictable, convenient commodities.  They are still individuals with the same drives, passions and loves they always had.  What motivates them today is fundamentally the same as those very things that motivated them a hundred years ago.

Increasingly, individuals are recognising their power as individuals and they often will turn to subculture as one way of reflecting this independent spirit and freedom from false or assumed authority.  It is all about empowerment, truth and freedom of expression.  It is all about art and art demands that we express those essential realities in all their splendour.

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement does not represent the first time a group has evolved from principles against conventionality.  It is not the first time a philosophy advocating subversion and non-conformity in order to uphold and promote true principles that may are at odds with what is deemed fashionable or appropriate at the time.  Nor is it the first time a movement has rallied to endorse beauty,  elevate truth and validate artistic endeavours, in the face of established trends/dictates and traditions.

And contrary to popular belief, we go back much further than the 1970s and the punk movement to find the most subversive movement and one that changed the attitude of people at the time and still does today despite it not being acknowledged as the source of such reform. There were shocks aplenty at the end of the 1800s with the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the movement it initiated.

It wouldn't do to finish this article without mentioning these pioneers as their work and ethos are what inspired the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement and only in understanding what they stood for and what their philosophy was, might the validity of NPR be understood.

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement's principles are reflected in and seen as a development of the principles of the original Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood founded in Victorian England. 

At the end of the 1800s, British art was dominated by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everest Millais and William Holman Hunt.  The philosophy of these founding brothers was recorded at their first meeting as follows:

1. To have genuine ideas to express.

2. To study nature attentively, so as to know how to express them.

3. To sympathise with what is direct and serious and heartfelt in previous art, to the exclusion of what is conventional and self-parading and learned by rote;

4. And most indispensable of all, to produce thoroughly good pictures and statues.

This fresh approach lead to a critical reception as the conventional, classically trained artists of the day felt the new movement to be irreverent, rebellious and subversive.  (The best ideas often are!)  And despite the fact that the founding members were only united in the venture for 5 years, the movement they initiated continued for a further 50 years. 

Subculture is a 'grass roots' development; it gives people what they want from the ground up rather than seeking to impose ideals upon them externally.  The effectiveness of grass roots subculture development can be noted in the success and far reaching implications of both the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the Punk Movement  in the early 1970s.  When a movement develops based on a genuine and passionate philosophy, it takes on a life of its own.  Such trends do not belong to corporations, governments or conglomerates; they belong to genuine people expressing a genuine ideal. 

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood had its advocates and supporters at the time but generally the feeling (even of the founding members in the end) was that it hadn't worked really and would just be a fad.  How wrong they were!

At the time of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a Pre-Raphaelite sisterhood also developed.  These women were shocking in their day for their independence.  They reflected their choices in the pursuits they engaged in; in their own art and poetry.  And of course, in their style of dress. A Philosophical Movement almost always is reflected in a subculture fashion genre development and the NPR is no exception. 

There have been other times when a subculture has gained momentum like this and the individuals with the impetus to put these attitudes and ideals forward should be celebrated for standing up to be counted.

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement stands for art; that true art is truth expressed creatively and that all truth is beautiful.  The movement also puts forward the idea that all people are creatives/artists and should be empowered by this precept in every way they choose to express themselves and their creative impulse; that this should not just be endorsed but encouraged but advocated as an ideal; that the expression of individual truth comes most untainted through creative channels and art; and that these channels should be actively pursued and when necessary - "to the exclusion of what is conventional"!

The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement seeks to cultivate a climate in which people may be liberated from conventionality and be inspired to create something extraordinary of themselves; to not only pursue this endeavour as an end in itself but with the understanding that when a person does this, they inevitably inspire others to do the same and the world is so much the richer for freedom, creativity, truth and art.